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Welcome to the Home of Astalderea!

Astalderea is a semi-casual guild with strong intentions of raid progression. We are a smaller guild, based primarily on friendship both inside and outside of WoW, and I encourage all those interested in joining to give me
(Vairë) a shout either in game or through email. Ranks and bank privileges are awarded over time, once members have proven their loyalty to our guild and shown themselves as reliable assets. All members of Astalderea pay the $15/month to play, so it is expected that everyone will be provided with drama free fun and get their money's worth each month. Thank you for either being a part of Astalderea or for checking out our website.
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Gadanais, Aug 13, 10 3:36 AM.
We are looking for level 70+ members interested in raiding. 4800 in game gear score is our minimum for ICC progression, but we are willing to help gear up. This will be for a progression team, so we will all be learning still on some of the fights. Raids will include all LK raids.

Our current priorities for for our primary progression team are:
  • 1 Tank --- Preference given to Warriors, Death Knights, and Druids
  • 2 Heals --- Preference given to Priests, Paladins, and Druids
  • Ranged DPS --- All types, except Hunters at this time
  • Melee DPS --- All types may apply
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